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Steel fibre

Steel 1/50 and 1/60 fibres are designed for the micro-reinforcing of concrete. They may be used as homogeneous fibre reinforcement especially for concretes used for industrial flooring and transport surfaces, as well as in non-structural prefabricated elements.

25 to 35 kg of steel 1/50 and 1/60 fibres per cubic metre of concrete may be added depending on the designed characteristics of the concrete.

Natural aggregates with grain diameters up to 16 mm may be used in concretes with steel fibres. The class of concrete should be no lower than B25 and w:c quotient should be no higher than 0.6. Chemical additions which do not cause corrosion of the steel fibres may be used in order to decrease the quantity of water used.

Structures and products made from concrete with the addition of steel fibres should be maintained in the same way as structures and products made from ordinary concretes.

Fibres produced by our company have achieved Technical Approval: ITB AT-15-6756/2005.

Technical parameters

Parameter 1/50 1/60
d [mm] 1,0±10%
L [mm] 50±10% 60±10%
l [mm] 2,5±10%
h [mm] 2,0±10%
α [°] 42±10%

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