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Agricultural and utility fencing

We offer nettings intended for various applications in farmsteads. The nettings are used in animal breeding, for fencing pastures, runs for breeding animals, for the construction of fences and boxes for domestic animals and poultry.

The following types of nettings are used for these purposes: forest, helical and welded nettings as well as hexagonal Izola nettings.

Forest netting

Helical netting

Welded netting

Hexagonal Izola netting

Technical parameters:

The technical parameters of individual types of nettings are available in relevant sections:


Fencings for pastures and runs for breeding animals: cattle, horses, sheep, swine; construction of cages and boxes for rabbits, nutrias, poultry, pigeons and other domestic animals.


The nettings are made from materials with parameters proper for a particular application type. Detailed information on the subject can be found in relevant sections:

Mounting method:

Fencings, cages or boxes made of nettings of those types can be mounted in any way as most adequate for a particular situation. Special mounting clips, clamping rings, nails or other mounting accessories can be used.

Forest netting

Helical netting

Welded netting

Hexagonal Izola netting
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